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Michael Jordan Was Completely Honest About Charles Barkley's Defense: "He Would Take On A Challenge Even Though He Was Not Up To The Challenge."

Charles Barkley Says He Deserved To Win MVP In 1993 Over Michael Jordan: "He Didn’t Deserve It. We Had The Best Record In The NBA. Michael Should Know Better."

(via Rolling Stone)

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are two of the greatest player to ever step foot on a basketball court. When they clashed in the 80s and 90s, Michael was at the peak of his powers and it was often up to Barkley to try and slow him down.

Interestingly enough, back in 2014, Michael shared a bit about what it was like being guarded by Charles and spoke about his fearlessness in stepping up to any challenge.

"The one moment that I can pick with Charles -- we're playing Philly in the playoffs and I guess I got into a hot rhythm and I had about 40 something points and I can hear Charles yelling "who's gonna guard this guy, who's gonna guard this guy? Somebody got to guard this guy. That's alright, I'll guard this guy." I go in and we playing and I got into a switch and Charles jumps out guards me. Hey I never know, Charles is a defensive stopper. So the first thing he does is does he breaks down this defensive position, hands up. Everything looks technically, technically right. And I just laugh I say "where the hell are you going to start playing defense? And who taught you how to get in a defensive stance? But I had to pass it but that's the type of guy he would take on a challenge even though he was not up to the challenge. He didn't care, and that's just him."

It sounds like Michale has tremendous success for Charles. Though Jordan consistently beat him on the basketball court, Chuck wasn't afraid of anything or anyone. He always brought his best.

He stepped up with that same fearless attitude MJ made so famous. Unfortunately, it didn't result in a ring for Barkley, but he's at least got the respect of his peers -- something that cannot be said for everyone.