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Michael Jordan Was Drinking $1800 Tequila During His 'Last Dance' Interview

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

During the premiere of the 10-part 'The Last Dance' docuseries, Michael Jordan was seen with a curious guest by his right. The Chicago Bulls legend had a glass with a beverage that created a lot of speculation around the NBA community. Plenty of fans were curious about it, but don't worry because the answer is simpler than you think.

According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Jordan was drinking tequila. The thing is that it wasn't just regular tequila. Jordan was having a drink a glass of Cincoro, which happens to be a tequila brand he co-owns with Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Milwaukee Bucks owners.

Shelburne adds that Jordan likes to drink a bottle that sells for up to $1,800, the 'extra añejo'. Back in October, His Airness revealed his new venture on the Today Show, where he described his expectations with the new project and what he and his partners were going to do if it didn't work out.

"We decided to do our own tequila," Jordan told Craig Melvin. "You know, if we sell it, we sell it. If not, at least we got enough to drink."

It's curious to see how Jordan's answers changed in the first two episodes of the documentary. As Gabriel Fernandez of CBS Sports writes, his reaction to certain questions was different depending on how full or empty the glass is.

"The laughter that came after he heard about "the Bulls traveling cocaine circus," and his denial of partying at all in his first year in the league, came when his glass was full. At half-filled, Jordan brings up his opinion that Scottie Pippen should have gotten surgery after the 1997 Finals instead of during the season. At close to empty, he calls Pippen selfish for his contract dispute with management."

It looks like MJ's new venture is making some noise around NBA fans. It's expensive for a lot of people, but he has stated he has a backup plan in case things don't go the right way.

This Sunday, we'll see episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance, where that glass will surely gain more attention.