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Michael Jordan's Agent Says 'The Last Dance' Should End The GOAT Debate With LeBron James Once And For All

(via USA Today Sports)

(via USA Today Sports)

David Falk, who worked as Michael Jordan's agent during His Airness' NBA career, has given his takes on the ESPN 10-part docuseries 'The Last Dance' focused on Jordan and his last season with the Chicago Bulls in 1998.

It was revealed that MJ agreed to release this documentary the day LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were celebrating their NBA championship in 2016. So, it all started as an attempt to remind people who are the greatest player of all time and one of the greatest franchises in NBA history.

For Falk, the job is almost done. He joined NBC Sports Washington 106.7 FM's The Junkies, where he stated there is nobody better than his former client, and that people should realize after watching the documentary that Michael Jordan is the GOAT and that is it.

“Now that I watch [the documentary], I realize that, unless you’re legally blind, you can’t possibly think that there’s another player who ever played the game that’s remotely in the league that he’s in. Nobody.”

“I hope personally, and I’m sure it won’t, that the doc ends all talk about like is Jordan competitive with LeBron? He’s in a different league. If you don’t see that with your eyes, maybe the doctor’s office can help because you should have an eye test.”

A lot has been said about the GOAT debate. Everybody has an argument to defend this or that player, but for Falk, the picture is pretty clear. Old fans are remembering and new fans are discovering why Michael Jordan is considered the greatest to ever do it and why he's so impactful on the world of sports, not only basketball.

Falk doubled down and claimed Jordan would score '50 or 60 points in today's NBA.