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Michael Jordan's Curious Take On LeBron James Before He Played In the NBA

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

LeBron James was the most exciting prospect in NBA history when he made it to the league, seen as the heir to the throne that Michael Jordan left in the game. We all know what Bron has done ever since he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the #1 overall pick in 2003, but not everybody had much faith in him and his talent.

Michael Jordan hasn't been that close to LeBron. These two players are always in the GOAT conversation and one could say MJ wants little to nothing to do with a guy that can take his place as the greatest of all time. LeBron has stated before he was chasing the 'ghost' that played in Chicago, so you know his biggest purpose is becoming the ultimate GOAT.

Before the start of Bron's NBA career, some people doubted about his potential to succeed in the league, including Jordan himself, who claimed James wasn't at the same level as other shooting guards or small forwards. An old newspaper from before LeBron got drafted shows Jordan's opinion on the King, saying James had to wait at least five years to be 'a good pro'.

Well, the 6x NBA champion was wrong in his claims, as James demonstrated he was ready to be great from the get-go. LeBron took his Cavaliers as the worst team in the league and turned into one of the biggest forces in the East, playing in the Finals just four years after he was drafted.

James is now 35 and is still dominating the association. Contrary to what Jordan could have said, Bron is not a regular player or a 'good pro'. He has been and still is the face of the NBA for quite some time now.

It's unclear if Jordan talked knowing James had a great chance to dethrone him as the greatest player ever or if it was another case of Jordan and his bad evaluation of talent. Either way, LeBron demonstrated he wasn't a bust, he did prove he was and still is the real deal.