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Michael Jordan's Iconic Chicago Mansion Is On The Market For $14.9 Million

Michael Jordan's Iconic Chicago Mansion Is On The Market For $14.9 Million

As one of the only billionaires on the planet, it is fair to say that Michael Jordan has done pretty well for himself off the court.

Thanks to sponsorships, brand deals, and business projects, MJ is enjoying more riches now than he had in the 90s -- and now, he's trying to add an extra $14 million to his total.

Currently on sale is Jordan's legendary estate out in Highland Park. With a cigar room, wine cellar, regulation-sized basketball courts, and poker room, the property is perfect for luxury living and is now on sale for $14.9 million (half of its original price).

With the current state of the U.S. economy, it's not a huge surprise that Jordan hasn't sold his estate yet. There aren't a whole lot of people with that kind of money sitting around, anyway.

Still, the price of the place is proof of how successful Michael Jordan has become. In a lot of ways, he has expanded his brand more now than he did when he was playing. And what makes Jordan so special is that he doesn't take any of it for granted.

Jordan was grateful for the contract, noting that he wanted to earn the money he was going to get from his large contract. Even Jerry Reinsdorf acknowledged the new contract, noting that MJ deserved more money just after his first game in the NBA.

Jordan: “I think it makes me work harder and earn what I’m getting paid--not that I wasn’t earning it already.”

Reinsdorf (when asked when he thought Jordan deserved a raise): “First time I saw him play.”

Today, Jordan is one of the most well-known and appreciated stars in the entire world. His brand, name, and career have reached rare levels of fame.

And while he may be having trouble selling his old Chicago estate, Jordan is still at the top of the world and is doing what he can to grow and multiply his earnings.