Michael Jordan’s Priceless Answer About Load Management Back When He Was Playing

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The load management practice is a very famous yet controversial topic in the NBA right now, as it sparks any kind of reaction. Right now the biggest exponents of this practice are the Los Angeles Clippers and their star, Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard has sat out in more than one game to recover from an injury, but not every NBA follower is a fan of this. If we take a look at what former players think, the responses will go in the same direction. That’s the case of the GOAT Michael Jordan, who was never a fan of load management.

He stated this season that the Charlotte Hornets’ players were paid to play 82 games and not rest because they want to be ready for the playoffs. Now, we’ve learned Jordan doesn’t have this philosophy from now, as he addressed this practice during his active days.

“People are starting to forget that when I play basketball, I don’t play conservatively, I’m playing all out. I can say that I’m not trying to play and conserve 28 minutes so that by the end of the season Imma be more rested. I’m all out."

There you go, the GOAT at his peak, wasn’t taking any rest in the middle of the season. Jordan isn’t a load management guy and that’s been confirmed once again.