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Michael Jordan's Signed Shoes Sold For $560,000: The Most Expensive Shoes Ever

(Credit: The Guardian)

(Credit: The Guardian)

Michael Jordan has done it again. He continues to drive people crazy even though he hasn't been seen bouncing a basketball in almost two decades.

Now that his popularity's right at its peak thanks to ESPN's 'The Last Dance', His Airness managed to break yet another record without even having to get up from his chair.

Thing is, sneaker collector Jordan Geller - founder of the sneaker museum Shoezeum in Las Vegas, recently auctioned a pair of signed Air Jordan's from his rookie season on a record $560,000, according to Darren Rovell:

"A signed pair of sneakers that Michael Jordan wore during his 1984-85 rookie season was sold by Sotheby’s on Sunday for $560,000, an all-time record for a pair of sneakers. The sneakers, owned by famed shoe collector Jordy Geller, broke the record of a pair of moon shoes, an original prototype of Nike’s first shoes given to the University of Oregon runners by Nike co-founder and Oregon coach Bill Bowerman. Those shoes, which were also sold by Geller, went for $437,500 last July at Sotheby’s. It was not immediately known who purchased the shoes," the report claimed.

These were the first model of Jordan's signature sneakers, designed by the GOAT himself, and that became a worldwide success upon their release.

On a side note, like all Jordan-worn sneakers, these are a mismatched pair in size 13.5 (right foot) and 13 (left foot), so it'd be complicated to take them out for a spin, although there isn't someone as insane in the world to actually try and wear them.

Michael Jordan continues to be one of the most popular and biggest sensations to ever set a foot on the face of the earth and this is a prime example of that. Regardless of how much time has passed since his retirement, he'll continue to be at the top of everybody's list.