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Michael Jordan's Smart Response To What Makes Him Special

Michael Jordan's Smart Response To What Makes Him Special

Basketball Hall of Famer and the Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan achieved a lot of things during his prosperous career in the league. Be it winning individual accolades or leading his team to NBA titles, Jordan did it all.

Obviously, Michael Jordan couldn't have done it without having an elite ability to play basketball. But what truly made Jordan special was his insane competitiveness. It didn't matter to MJ if he was on or off the court; he could get competitive about anything. So much so that Jordan gets competitive even about drinking water, as per actor Will Smith.

Michael Jordan Had A Unique Theory About Him Being Special

The Chicago Bulls legend earned the respect of the NBA community regardless of the means that he used. Even Stephen Curry recently claimed that he tries to follow Jordan's leadership style. So there's obviously something right about it. What exactly? Well, in an old interview, one of the top life coaches out there, Tony Robbins, recalled a conversation that he had with Jordan.

"Michael Jordan. Remember I interviewed him years ago? And I said, 'What makes you the best in the world? Is it skill? Is it talent? Is it abilities? Is it background? Is it training?' And he was so awesome. He said, 'Tony I can tell you the truth and it won't sound like false modesty.' He said, 'I didn't even make the high school basketball team, sophomore year. I was cut.' He said, 'What it is is everyday I demand more from myself than anybody else could possibly expect. I don't compete with other people. I compete with what I'm capable of.'"

This is truly a unique mindset and something not many can relate to. It truly did wonders for Jordan, even after getting cut from his high school team; today, Michael Jordan's name is synonymous with the sport of basketball and the NBA.

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