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Michael Jordan’s True Feelings About Losing His Father At 30 Years Old: “He Never Met My Fiancée. He Never Got To See My Kids Grow Up.”

Michael Jordan’s True Feelings About Losing His Father At 30 Years Old: “He Never Met My Fiancée. He Never Got Go See My Kids Grow Up.”

Over the years, thousands of players have played in the NBA, but only a handful of them have reached legendary status in the eyes of fans. Speaking of such legends, there is hardly anyone who can match the legacy of the great Michael Jordan.

Throughout his career, Jordan made fans fall in love with his game. Be it the amazing dunks, crazy layups, or memorable game-winning shots. MJ did a lot for the Chicago Bulls and the NBA in general.

If it weren't for his insane popularity, the NBA might have taken a lot of time to become a globally recognized league. All things considered, if there is someone who is worthy of the GOAT title, it is definitely the Bulls legend.

While on the court and sometimes even off the court, Mike was very competitive, but there are times when even the toughest people show their emotions. For Mike, it happened in an interview with ESPN.

During the interview, Jordan got emotional and shared his true thoughts about losing his father back in 1993. He said:

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"He never met my fiancée. He never got to see my kids grow up. He died in ’93. Jasmine was a year old. Marcus was 3 years old. Jeffrey was 5 years old."

The relationship between a father and son is truly something special. Similar was the case for MJ and his father. Mike's father passed away way back in 1993, so he missed a lot of amazing moments of his son's life.

But if it weren't for him, fans might not have even seen Jordan dominate the way he did during his prime. After his dad's death, MJ briefly retired from the league. While he never said that his father's death was the reason for his first retirement, that is a common notion.

Following his return to the league, Jordan started to dominate the league once again. He won the 1996 NBA Championship and dedicated it to his late father. Seeing Mike with the trophy in his hand and letting his emotions out was definitely a memorable moment for the fans.

It would have been so amazing to see them together but unfortunately, that didn't happen. Even after his NBA career was over, Mike enjoyed a lot of success in his career. As he revealed in the interview, he is sad that his father is not with him to enjoy it with him.

Stories like these not only inspire fans but also help them realize how lucky they are if they still have a loving relationship with their parents.