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Michael Rapaport Responds To Kevin Durant Saga: "I Walk Out Of The House And I Get Sneers, I Get Finger Pointing..."

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Michael Rapaport recently made national sports headlines when he exposed Kevin Durant for a profanity-laced tirade he had over Instagram DM. Durant did get some backlash, and also a hefty fine by the league.

But Rapaport also got a lot of criticism for making a private chat over DM public.

And now, days later, the guy says it has changed how people are treating him...

"It's been crazy, it's been tough. The last few days have been tough, have been crazy. I walk out of the house and I get sneers, I get finger-pointing, and I don't do good with sneers and snickers.

And I actually went to the dog park, with my dog, and people that usually say hello and even play with my dog, they don't want to play with my dog. I went to my coffee shop and they said 'not today, cupcake.' And then I get online and people online have been so cruel and so mean..."

Full disclosure, we don't know the true extent of the situation. As far as the "dog park" and "coffee shop" experiences, he admitted on the show that he was joking. Considering Rapaport is a comedian, it's entirely possible this entire thing could be a huge troll to the NBA community. That possibility was not lost on some fans...

Of course, there's no way to say for certain whether or not Rapaport might be exaggerating these events, but he certainly seems serious in his calling out KD and being hurt by the DMs that were sent, and he's claiming it has hit him in an insanely negative way.

Hopefully, this whole ordeal blows over soon...