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Michael Wilbon Takes Shot At Kyrie Irving And Dwight Howard: 'Playing In The NBA Is Your Platform.'

Credit: AFP

Credit: AFP

Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard have become two of the most famous faces in the NBA in recent hours after both stars expressed their concerns about the league's plans to resume season next July in Orlando. The league announced the plan at the beginning of June, but more players have started to hesitate whether or not it's a good idea to come back to action.

Kyrie held an 80-player call on Friday where he showed his disapproval with the league's plans, claiming he'd leave everything if that means social reform for black people. On the other hand, Howard issued a statement agreeing with Kyrie, saying that there are bigger issues now that playing basketball. They are very outspoken about these issues, but not everybody is on the same page.

For instance, other players and analysts have replied to their claims. ESPN's Michael Wilbon called out both players recently, reminding them that their biggest platform is the NBA and they should be taking advantage of that.

"For Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard to say 'we don't want to work because we want to pay attention' that's your platform, gentleman. You're not college professors, you're not the heads of the industry of science and technology. Everybody has a platform and you are elite, skilled athletes with an enormous platform. Use it. If you don't use it, that would be shameful and irresponsible. You got a microphone every day, pick up your mic and open your mouth," Wilbon said on Monday's edition of Pardon the Interruption.

The league hasn't changed its plans of resuming season and now more people are defending their decision to see out the rest of the campaign. Kyrie and Dwight are gathering more people against the return of the association, but several other players also want to play. As things stand now, we're watching basketball in Orlando next month.