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Michelle Beadle Claims LeBron James Once DM'd Her Asking Why She Was 'Mean' To Him On TV

Michelle Beadle Claims LeBron James Once DM'd Her Asking Why She Was 'Mean' To Him On TV

One of LeBron James' biggest feuds in the NBA is none other than former ESPN employee and current The Athletic's figure Michelle Beadle, who earned the love and hate from fans during her time on the 'worldwide leader of sports'. 

After she left the giant multimedia company, Beadle revealed some details of her time with them, even claiming that LeBron James tried to get her fired more than once. It all started in November when Beadle first revealed that James tried to use his influence within the company to get her fired

She would double down on those comments, saying that James wanted somebody specific to replace her on NBA Countdown, which never happened. This 'beef' hasn't ended apparently, as Beadle keeps revealing details of her silent war with the King. 

During a recent edition of The Sessions w/ Renee Paquette podcast, Beadle revealed more stuff about her feud with Bron, saying that the player once DM'd her to ask her why she was so rude to him on live TV. 

“I made fun of ‘The Decision,’ and I was one of about a bazillion people that did,” she said. “… It was hilarious, and I remember I got a — this was a long time ago, I guess when I followed him, and I got a DM that was like, ‘Why are you so mean to me on television?’ And I just sort of laughed it off. I didn’t even think about it.”

This rivalry seems to be at a low level right now, but whenever Michelle reveals more about it, people pay attention. LeBron hasn't had any public beef with someone in the media, but he's been accused of doing some questionable stuff in recent times. It's interesting to see all the things that happen behind the scene in the league and how people try to pull strings to get away with things.