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Mike D'Antoni Reportedly Unlikely To Return As Rockets Head Coach Next Season

Mike D'Antoni

(via Bleacher Report)

The Houston Rockets are always seemingly in the thick of things when it comes to the Western Conference Finals race.

With James Harden and a system that tailors specifically to him, the Rockets have been considered an elite for years. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to overcome their demons in the years since Harden has emerged as an MVP candidate.

Now, whispers are hinting that coach Mike D'Antoni may be on the way out as the Rockets look to get over the metaphorical "hump."

(via Real GM)

Unless the Houston Rockets win the championship, a source sees the chances of retaining Mike D'Antoni head coach next season as "slim."

The Rocket and D'Antoni were unable to agree to an extension after several rounds of negotiations. D'Antoni is in the final season of his contract.

D'Antoni has been coaching in Houston since 2016, making two Conference Semi-Finals appearances and one Conference Finals appearance in 2018. If the Rockets suffer a similar fate this postseason, it could result in his departure.

As an offensive genius, his system is a perfect fit for Harden, and why his job has never really been up for debate until now.

His biggest knack has always been on the defensive end, which the esteemed coach has apparently underemphasized in his "shoot-first" system.

Potential candidates for a replacement have yet to be named.