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Mike Greenberg: ‘The Warriors Are Neck-And-Neck With The Lakers If Klay Comes Back Healthy’

Mike Greenberg: ‘The Warriors Are Neck-And-Neck With The Lakers If Klay Comes Back Healthy’

The Golden State Warriors didn’t have the best free agency, but they managed to land some good players during the open market. The Dubs aren’t precisely the favorite team to win the NBA title next year, but some people have overlooked them and dared to say that they won’t even make it to the postseason.

They lost Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins in the free agency, as well as Andre Iguodala via trade and waived Shaun Livingston, which considerably changed their roster ahead of next season. Even though they are seen as a wounded team, some people consider the Warriors have a lot to offer next season.

One of those is Mike Greenberg, who thinks once they get Klay Thompson back, Golden State will be the dangerous team they always were. During an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up!, Greenberg discussed Ramona Shelburne’s suggestion that the Golden State Warriors are being overlooked as title contenders next season.

Shelburne said that the Dubs know how to play together and is not going to be any pressure for them next season. With the addition of Klay Thompson, Ramona stated that she "wouldn’t be shocked if they’re right up there” being title contenders.

“I spent the entire last week, during the free agency saying that," Greenberg said. "Would it not for that injury to Klay Thompson. That’s obviously the big qualifier here: when he comes back and just how healthy he is will change everything, but would it not for that injury, I would still list Golden State right neck-and-neck with the Lakers as the favorites in the West."

“They don’t have Klay Thompson, so that changes everything but with Steph, Klay and Draymond Green, if they were all healthy, I’m seeing with my own eyes the team that won 73 games, so I don’t know why you would just immediately assume they’re not among the teams that have a chance to get it done.”

The Warriors are a dynasty and they deserve respect for all the things they’ve done during this decade. Even though they lost KD and Cousins, they keep the three most important players they had during their 73-win season. They also added a young star in D’Angelo Russell, so there is no reason to think they will have a horrendous season.