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Mike Krzyzewski: “We’re Very Concerned About Zion. It’s A Mild Knee Sprain."

Mike Krzyzewski: “We’re Very Concerned About Zion. It’s A Mild Knee Sprain."

Zion Williamson suffered a dramatic knee injury during Wednesday’s game against North Carolina. Though the injury seemed more serious, they’re calling it a “mild knee sprain”.

The young phenom shoe came apart during a quick cut, and his right knee was bent in an awkward position leading to the injury. The injury occurred on the very first play of the game when Zion was trying to cut in with the ball near the free throw line.

He would walk off the court and into the locker room on under his own power, though he did have a limp.

Duke teammate Tre Jones was next to Williamson during the incident and said, "I just thought he'd twisted his ankle or his knee. But when he took his shoes off, I thought maybe something else was going on."

The main issue in the injury was clearly Williamson’s shoe which tore apart during the incident. The shoe is question was Paul George’s shoe, the Nike PG 2.5. Coach Krzyzewski said that a return timetable for Zion will be released on Thursday.

Hundreds of celebrities and big names showed up to watch the young star in his match-up against North Carolina, but everyone's hopes were crushed when Zion went down the injury including millions watching all around the world. Nike, which created the shoe that led to Zion’s injury, released a statement saying, "We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery. The quality and performance of our products are of the utmost importance. While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue." The team was shaken and negatively affected without Zion losing the bout to the Tar Heels by 16 points. Coach Krzyzewski addressed the loss saying:

"It put everyone in the position of having to figure it out, playing without him, while playing a really good team. It's not a good situation. At halftime, the realization that he's not there settled in. And we played horrible to start the second half. The final 16 minutes I thought we played really well, but it was too late."

Zion Williamson made national headlines as the ACC’s leading scorer with 22.4 PPG and as the most exciting player in the NCAA. The NBA prospect is likely to be the first pick in the draft. Sounds like Zion dodged a tough one.