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Mike Wilbon On How NBA Stars Today Compare To MJ In His Prime: "They Don't Know That They Can't Move Like Him."

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Michael Jordan isn't the type of player that comes around very often. In fact, his skill set, dominance, and mastery of the sport of basketball have never been matched.

And while we often take MJ for granted, ESPN's Michael Wilbon made sure to remind us of the wide gap between Jordan and today's top tier superstars.

"They don't even remember, they don't know. Kids don't know Zion wasn't born when 'The Last Dance' occurred, they don't know. They don't know that they weren't as good as him. They weren't. They don't know they can't dunk like him, they can't move like him, they can't play with either hand like him, they can't defend like him, they can't. And I'm going to include the best of today's players. They weren't."

No superstar in sports history sits on this type of pedestal. Jordan is widely considered "untouchable" because of how he played, who he is, and all that he accomplished in the NBA.

Those that have had the pleasure of watching him play usually hold the stance that nobody will ever surpass him. That much remains to be seen, especially with LeBron James still working on building his own resume.

Either way, it seems this "Last Dance" documentary is really sparking a Jordan movement around the nation.