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Miles Bridges Accepts Challenge To Fight Bodybuilder Cop

Miles Bridges Accepts Challenge To Fight Bodybuilder Cop

The animosity between protesters and police officers in the US is huge right now. Police brutality and racism have made a lot of people go mad at the authorities and several organizations have tried to fight law enforcement during out-of-control protests. NBA players have been part of peaceful marches, but there is one that accepted the challenge of fighting a cop.

One police officers sent a message to organizations like Black Lives Matters or Antifa to get in a ring with him since everybody was always telling them to get rid of the badge and the uniform to fight with protesters.

He sent out the challenge, the video went viral on Twitter and Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets accepted the challenge.

"We can do whatever you wanna do bossman," he replied.

People don't actually believe this is going to happen, but Bridges did respond to the police officer and showed his willingness to go at it with the man. The fact that the policeman is jacked doesn't mean anything for the forward, who is ready to go.

Still, be careful with this man. Maybe he surprises everybody and goes fight with this cop without any warning in the next couple of days.