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(NFSW) Miles Bridges' Old Tweets Are Absolutely Wild

Miles Bridges

Miles Bridges is currently one of the most surprising players in the NBA. The Charlotte Hornets standout is balling right now, putting up big numbers, helping his team to have a nice start to the 2021/22 NBA season. 

The forward is getting so much attention that fans started looking through his social media, finding gems from his teenage years. Bridges is a very fun guy, but nine years ago, he was wilding on Twitter. 

Hoops Alert recently shared a series of old tweets from the player, showing how inventive the young man was when he logged into social media. Profanity-laced tweets recently resurfaced and NBA fans couldn't help but laugh at the young version of Miles. 

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miles 9
miles 8
miles 7
miles 6
miles 5
miles 4
miles 3
miles 2
miles 1

We all were young and made a lot of crazy things during those days. Some left big messages on social media 9-10 years ago, but not everybody grew up to become an NBA player and get this big attention. 

Bridges is one of the biggest surprises this year, becoming one of the favorites to win the Most Improved Player award this season thanks to his good displays with the Hornets. After beating the league-best team Golden State Warriors and the top seed in the Eastern Conference Washington Wizards, the Hornets rank 5th in the East, boasting a 9-7 record. 

Bridges is averaging 21.3 PPG (9.8 more points than his career average), 7.5 RPG and 3.6 APG. This man has created a terrific duo with LaMelo Ball, leading this squad to where they are right now. 

He was always a menace off the court and now has become one on the floor. Those tweets are crazy, but he was a young teenager having fun with Twitter. Fortunately for NBA fans, he never deleted them and now they enjoy watching the wild side of Bridges.