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Miles Bridges Seen Working Out With Draymond Green Despite Being Involved In A Legal Battle

Miles Bridges Seen Working Out With Draymond Green Despite Being Involved In A Legal Battle

Coming into the offseason, Miles Bridges was perhaps one of the most sought-after free agents available in the market. Coming off of a career season with the Charlotte Hornets, Bridges showed the league why he was not a one-trick pony stepping up defensively for the team as well.

Given how integral he was to the Hornets last season, it seemed inevitable that the forward would secure a great paycheck in the offseason. But things went south real quick for the 6'6" forward. Moments before the free agency opened up, Bridges was arrested for a suspected case of domestic abuse. 

Ever since then, there has been little to no word about teams being interested in signing the forward, while Bridges has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges against him. Despite the teams losing interest in Bridges, the Hornets still have given a qualifying offer for the forward and can still match any amount on the offer sheet.

While chances of him getting another shot in the NBA are highly unlikely, there is still a tiny slither of hope that the forward might end up playing in the next season. Bridges is certainly putting in the work for any scenario he faces soon. Recently, the 24-year-old was spotted practicing with recently crowned champion Draymond Green.

While it is encouraging to see that Bridges is willing to put in the work despite all the charges against him, if the allegations turn out to be true, the forward will likely not be a part of the league.

Not only that, such actions are uncalled for and deserve the utmost punishment if proven guilty. For now, Bridges finds himself in a limbo. He is a decision away from playing in the NBA or possibly going behind bars for 11 whole years. Would you like to see Miles Bridges back on the court, or is punishment necessary for his actions?