Milwaukee Bucks Fire Back At ESPN After Being Called A "Terrible City" On First Take

Milwaukee Bucks Fire Back At ESPN After being Called A "Terrible City" On First Take

In an unexpected twist of fate, the 2021 NBA Finals will not feature LeBron James Steph Curry, Los Angeles, or Miami.

In fact, of the teams that are left, only the L.A. Clippers are what many consider a "big market" NBA franchise.

In light of that fact, the crew on ESPN's First Take did not hold back their punches when talking about a potential FInals matchup. During a segment that aired earlier this week, Stephen A., Max, Molly, and former NFL player Damien Woody were taking turns throwing jabs at the cities of Phoenix and Milwaukee.

Word eventually got back to the Bucks, who posted a letter to the crew of First Take:

"When's the last time you were in Milwaukee? Must be a while. I would love to personally give you a tour. Our eclectic and exciting neighborhoods, one of the best dining scenes in the country, and our spectacular Lake Michigan waterfront, you'll experience it all.

Oh, by the way, Milwaukeans (sic) are very nice. Look forward to hearing from you." 

The behavior of the First Take crew kind of explains why "small market" teams are never in the spotlight and always struggling to attract stars. Just because it's not L.A. or New York doesn't mean the city doesn't have anything to offer.

This year, the NBA is blessed to have a slate of fresh faces in the Conference Finals, giving some of the spotlight to teams that some folk would rather ignore. The Bucks earned their spot, and perhaps their city isn't as bad as some of the people on First Take would have everyone believe.

Give it up to the Bucks for putting them in their place and defending the city that they love.