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Montrezl Harrell Goes At It With Drake During Raptors Blowout Loss

Montrezl Harrell Goes At It With Drake During Raptors Blowout Loss

Wednesday night was a wild time for the NBA. The Knicks and Celtics battled it out in double overtime, Harrison Barnes went off for his career-high, and the Hornets narrowly escaped a comeback victory against Indiana.

It didn't end there, though.

In Toronto, Montrezl Harrell got into a bit of a scuffle with Drake after exchanging some words mid-game. Here's a clip of the moment, which garnered quite a bit of attention online:

The clip led to some argument amongst the fans about whether or not the NBA should step in to stop courtside fans from antagonizing players. It's a topic that remains controversial in the NBA community. In this case, Drake may have won the battle by getting Trez a tech, but the Wizards definitely won the war, walking away with the 15-point victory.

Of course, It's no secret that Drake, one of the most popular musicians in the world, is also a Raptors superfan, as he has made known countless times over the years. During Toronto's Championship run in 2019, he was there to watch. Even now, without Kawhi Leonard, he continues to show his support.

Recently, he even joined the team's commentary crew to share his excitement about the new season: 

“It feels good to see you guys back," he said.

Unfortunately, Drake's fandom will be put to the test this season. The Raptors have lost much of the players that made them so competitive years ago, including long-time fan favorite, Kyle Lowry.

As a team with a young, inexperienced, and unproven roster, nobody is expecting much from Toronto this season.

But if they can play the right way, show some fight, and continue to develop their chemistry, fans are going to like what they see. Ultimately, it will be up to the Raptors to shape how this new season will play out.