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Montrezl Harrell Posts Cryptic Tweet After Wizards' Slide: "Was Fun While It Lasted!"

Montrezl Harrell

After trading away Russell Westbrook, expectations for the Washington Wizards couldn't be much lower entering the 2021-22 season.

Shockingly, the Wizards actually followed it up with their best start in years, going 11-5 in their first 16 games.

Sadly, just when things were getting good, the Wizards have seemingly come back down to earth. They're 4-6 in their last 10 games, and would be worse had they not barely squeaked out a win over the last-place Pistons on Wednesday.

Sensing the change in their fortunes, D.C. big man Montrezl Harrell sent a cryptic five-word Tweet.

Harrell's 4-point performance on Wednesday was just the latest game in what has been a major slump for Trez. Despite averaging over 26 minutes per game for the Wizards this season, he only nagged 17 in the last game.

By all accounts, the alarm bells are ringing for both the Wizards and Harrell's spot in the rotation. The best thing for him to do now is to heed his own advice and not let himself get too down about the way things are trending...

"We try not to get too high, we try not to get too low man," Trez said last month. "We try to just continue stacking good days man. You said it man: we got a team full of dogs... This is what we are... Everybody's situation is different. For sure. But you used the correct term: everybody here is looked at as an underdog. As far as Spencer when you said, the situation with Brooklyn. You can say me, Kuz, KCP. You can say Brad, just over his year in Washington... basically overlooked. We understand that. But at the same time we know who we are...that's just how we looked at it man."

Harrell is just a few years removed from his Sixth Man of the Year campaign with the Clippers. It was there where he first made a name for himself in the NBA and blossomed into a valuable contributor.

After a rough patch with the Lakers, he seemingly found a new home in D.C. But now that things are getting tough, the negativity is starting to seep in.

We'll see how things progress for Harrell and the Wizards.