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Monty Williams Says LeBron James Is The Greatest Athlete He Has Ever Seen: "I Heard About Him In 8-9th Grade. He Has Been Able To Play At Such A Ridiculous Level With That Kind Of Pressure For Almost 30 Years."


LeBron James is a phenomenal athlete, one of the best the sports world has ever seen. James has been playing professional basketball in the NBA for half his life and has always maintained an incredibly high level of play throughout his career. James is known for his longevity, but Monty Williams is still amazed by how long he has been around.

Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams spoke after his Suns beat the Lakers. During the post-game press conference, Williams heaped a lot of praise on LeBron James. 

He mentioned how he had heard about LeBron when he was just a young freshman in high school, and how James has played at a high level through all the pressure for almost 30 years, before calling him the greatest athlete he has ever seen.

"Can't put into words what that guy has been able to do for as long as he has been able to do it. I'm not just talking about the pros. I heard about him when he was in the 8-9th grade. He has been able to play at such a ridiculous level with that kind of pressure for almost 30 years. Probably the greatest athlete I've ever seen. Now he is in his 19th year dealing with all the injuries and stuff they've dealt with and still playing at an extremely high level. Never seen anything like that"

Despite their recent battles, Monty Williams clearly has a massive amount of respect for LeBron James. James has been a stalwart of the NBA for almost 20 years now and has never let the level of his performances dip below his usual excellence. And Williams recognizes that and got to see first-hand how a 36-year-old LeBron can play.

The Suns will be a significant roadblock for the Lakers this season, and they’ve already gotten the better of them so far. 

The Lakers will be hoping to get some measure of revenge the next time they play against the Suns. But given how LeBron’s teammates have been playing, the Lakers will need to be at full strength against Phoenix, something he says they weren’t at last night.