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More Proof That LeBron James May Just Have The Most Basketball Intelligence Ever


The greatness of LeBron James can no longer be denied... not after everything he's done.

He can score, rebound, pass, defend. When it comes to the game of basketball, King James is truly unrivaled in his abilities. But perhaps the most impressive part of his game is not what he does with a basketball in his hands, but how he knows the game in his head.

Ex-Cavalier GM David Griffin recently spoke about the basketball brilliance of the King, saying it's unlike anything he has ever seen:

There’s literally nothing you can show him that he can’t do. There’s no play you’ll run against him he can’t name, and then go out there and teach your players how to do it better than anyone else [can teach them]...I was in the gym when I watched him on the floor against Toronto [in 2017] tell Patrick Paterson where he was supposed to go on the play they had called out of a timeout late in the fourth quarter! He was like ‘no Pat, you’re supposed to stand over there and set a pin down [pick] for Demar over here’

He literally knew the Raptors plays so well last postseason, he was telling the Toronto players where they should be going. While that's just one aspect of his exceptional mindset, it proves that there's really no surprising LeBron anymore. There's nothing this guy hasn't seen.