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Muggsy Bogues On Stephen Curry As A Child: "He Was Like A Little Sponge, You Know, Soaking Up Information Everywhere He Went... Steph Is Like A Little Nephew To Me... I’m Just So Grateful To Be Here To Be Witness What He’s Able To Do With His Career."

(via Football NG)

(via Football NG)

Stephen Curry is a legendary player, and by NBA standards, he's considered a small guard. Ever since he was a child, he's had to learn to out skill everybody, since he couldn't purely rely on his athleticism alone. Stephen Curry showed that a small guard could win at the highest level, and his 3 championships put Curry as one of the top point guards of all time.

Muggsy Bogues recently talked about Stephen Curry as a child. Even as a child, Stephen Curry was always learning from his surroundings. Bogues also expresses gratitude for being able to witness Stephen Curry on the basketball court.

He was like a little sponge, you know, soaking up information everywhere he went. Dell and I played 11 years together. Nine in Charlotte and two years in Toronto, so Steph is like a little nephew to me.

I’m just so grateful to be here to be witness what he’s able to do with his career. I mean it’s remarkable, he’s considered one of the greatest shooters of NBA all-time.

We get a glimpse of Stephen Curry's habits even when he was a kid: always learning new things and new skills. Bogues is obviously one of the qualified people to speak on Stephen Curry, as he mentioned that he watched him grow up. Bogues praises Curry for his achievements, and it must nice watching someone you know to succeed at the highest level.

Stephen Curry is only 32, and there are still pages to be added to the legacy. Once Klay Thompson comes back, the Warriors are going to be a force once again. Hopefully, later down the road, people look back at Stephen Curry and realize how truly special he was.