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NBA Bubble Update: "Multiple" Calls Have Been Made About Players Breaking Quarantine Rules

(via Today Show)

(via Today Show)

When it was revealed that just two players out of 322 in Orlando tested positive for COVID-19, there was a lot of optimism that this "bubble" plan implemented earlier this month would work even better than expected.

And while a few folk breaking quarantine is to be expected, a new report has revealed "multiple" calls already being made about players breaking bubble rules. Check out these tweets by The Athletic's Shams Charania:

There's no reason to panic, yet, but if players continue to break bubble rules, and the virus somehow spreads undetected, it could jeopardize the season. At the very least, if an important player tests positive (and are forced to isolate until being cleared), it could seriously hurt their team's chances of advancing in the postseason.

Needless to say, players should really be exercising caution. If a few cases turn into a lot, there might be no season to play.

Hopefully, these quarantine violations are kept to a minimum. But we'll see soon enough...