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Multiple Lakers Players Want To Sit Out But LeBron James Wants To Play

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

There might be trouble in paradise since some Los Angeles Lakers players are reportedly against the idea of resuming the NBA season amid the coronavirus crisis and all the protests against racism in America. The NBA announced they were set to restart everything with a 22-team tournament, but not everybody is sold on that idea.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Dwight Howard was one of the players supporting Kyrie Irving and the possibility to sit out due to all the things happening in the country right now.

“Donovan Mitchell, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard among others spoke out about possibly sitting out due to social/COVID-19 issues, per sources. NBPA leadership, Paul/Garrett Temple, provided insight too. Every player had a voice — wants to find purpose, whether they play or not,” Charania tweeted.

Avery Bradley is reportedly another player who doesn't feel so sure about resuming play next month in Orlando. They both believe going back to play would become a distraction for people, who would lose the focus on the fight against racial injustice, more than anything. Nevertheless, Charania reports that LeBron James doesn't think sitting out is the best option for players, although several of his teammates are considering that possibility very seriously. Via The Athletic:

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that Lakers star LeBron James and a group of athletes and entertainers, including Hawks guard Trae Young, are starting a new group called “More Than A Vote” to support voters’ rights. Although multiple Lakers players are part of the movement to sit out as a measure against social injustice, James is not involved in the coalition that wants to sit out games.According to sources, the players’ union said on a call Monday that “any player who doesn’t want to play, doesn’t have to” with no financial loss, as long as said player has an agreement with his franchise and/or a medical excuse. Sources said commissioner Adam Silver reiterated that sentiment on Thursday’s call with 30 general managers, making it clear that those who do not want to come to the Orlando bubble, do not have to.

Kyle Kuzma is another Laker that showed his desire to compete again, sending a message to those who oppose the restart of the campaign.

“Some of us want to hoop and compete don’t get that twisted,” he tweeted on Friday.

This could be a problem not only for the Lakers but for the rest of the league. A considerable amount of players are hesitating to go to Orlando next month. Even though the league won't force anybody to go to the bubble city, it seems like the number of players willing to avoid the tournament is increasing every day.