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Mural Of LeBron In LA Destroyed After Laker Fans Offered Rewards For Anyone That Did


It seems that not every Laker fan in Los Angeles is looking forward to LeBron James joining their beloved team.

After years and years of a 'LeBron vs. Kobe' debate, it was always going to be hard for some die-hard Laker fans, ahem, sorry, Kobe fans to come to terms with a player they've hated for so long joining their team. Things seemed to have finally peaked though, after a mural painted in LA celebrating LeBron James joining the Lakers was defaced by Kobe fans.

Specifically, one fan in particular on Twitter offered money to anyone in the Los Angeles area who would be willing to ruin the mural made in LeBron's honor.

The fan in question offered up $300 and gave the address to anyone who was willing to take to the work of art with spraypaint.

A small portion of Laker/Kobe fans weren't happy when news broke that the four-time MVP had signed a four year, $154 million deal with the Lakers this summer, a move which has pushed the Lakers into the championship picture once again.

Whoever decided to ruin the mural mustn't have a big imagination, as they spraypainted the words "we don't want you," "3-6," and "NO KING" across the art piece.

Thankfully, the artist who originally painted the mural was quick to rectify the act of stupidity, touching up the mural and removing the word "Of" from the phrase "King Of LA" to appease some of the more hostile Laker fans.

Regardless, whoever was dumb enough to ruin someone's work of art they spent hours painting for no benefit whatsoever deserves to be shamed for their actions, and definitely isn't considered a true Laker fan to the rest of the fanbase.