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Murals Of Kobe And Gianna Bryant Have Been Painted In Philippines And Los Angeles

Credit: Mike Swift, Muck Rock

Credit: Mike Swift, Muck Rock

Kobe Bryant’s death is already one of the hardest moments we’ve lived this year and this freshly-started decade. Bryant left this world at the age of 41 after a helicopter crash killed him along with 8 other people, including his daughter Gianna.

Plenty of fans have shown their appreciation and love for Kobe and Gianna, not only in Los Angeles or the U.S. but in the rest of the world. One of the biggest demonstrations of that love is a mural painted in his city just 24 hours after their death.

Artist Muck Rock immortalized Kobe and GiGi with a beautiful piece with the words ‘Kobe. Gigi. Forever Daddy’s Girl.’

Los Angeles was Kobe’s town for two decades, so you know how big this is for Lakers fans and the people of L.A. in general.

Credit: Muck Rock

Credit: Muck Rock

Moreover, that wasn’t the only honor Kobe received. In fact, across the world, another artist painted Kobe and Gianna on a basketball court in the Philippines. Artist Mike Swift shared his creation on Instagram, honoring the Black Mamba and Mambacita.

“We will be here 24 hours, feel free to drop by. We will be painting more tributes until the day of his burial. Kobe and Gianna is ❤️. Prayers,” he wrote in the post.

The Philippines is well known for its love for basketball; they are very passionate fans and always showed respect and love for Kobe. It’s not a shock that their biggest idol, Manny Pacquiao, is a diehard fan of basketball.

Sadly, Kobe isn’t here to see all the appreciation people around the world have for him. However, his impact on everybody’s life is undeniable and these homages are the biggest proof of that.