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Mychal Thompson Explains Why Steph Curry And Klay Thompson Are The Greatest Backcourt Ever

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

In a chat with the media, 2x NBA Champion Mychal Thompson made his pick for the greatest backcourt in NBA history. Unsurprisingly, he went with the duo in Golden State (Steph and Klay), citing their chemistry and respect for each other as a huge part of the reason why.

“I think they’re just perfect for each other,” Mychal recently said to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke. “They’re the best backcourt to ever play together. Obviously I’m biased, but I think it’s the greatest backcourt ever.

They’ll come back and take off right where they left off when Klay comes back next year.

They have a mutual respect for each other. They know that they have to depend on each other to be successful, to win championships. So does Draymond Green. These three guys understand and respect each other’s game so much that they know they can’t win without the other one doing their job. And there’s no ego involved.”

It is inarguable that the two have done amazing things together on the basketball court. They have combined for 11 All-Star appearances, eight All-NBA team selections, two Three-Point Contest titles, and three NBA championships.

Curry is a back-to-back league MVP often hailed as the greatest shooter ever, while Klay is among the most explosive offensive players in history, evidenced by the time he scored 37 points in a single quarter.

Needless to say, it doesn't get much better than the Splash Bros. and while there have been many dominant backcourt tandems throughout league history, it's hard to argue that Steph and Klay are not the greatest.