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Mychal Thompson Posts Epic Picture Of A Young Klay Thompson And His Brother

(via Mychal Thompson)

(via Mychal Thompson)

While Klay Thompson has become one of basketball's all-time great shooters, he was just a normal kid like the rest of us.

In a post on Twitter, Mychal Thompson (Klay's father) shared a picture of his two sons when they were younger, hilariously noting what Klay told his younger brother at the time:

Naturally, the fans in the comments got a real hoot out of it.

It really should be no surprise that Klay's competitive nature was there from the beginning. If he was so fired up about the game then, one can only imagine how much that has grown over the decades of his existence since.

Of course, considering modern-day Klay only averages 2.3 assists for his career, his younger self might have been a bit disappointed.