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Mychal Thompson Reveals What He Told Klay To Do In Free Agency This Summer

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The Warriors are eta the top of the basketball world right now, but Klay Thompson's free agency is a dark cloud that continues to threaten their fantasy.

As teams are lining up to get their chance, Thompson will have to make a serious choice about his future -- one that may involve giving up millions.

Despite it all, Mychal Thompson's message to his son has been clear and consistent.

(via the Stephen A Smith show):

"If you are happy where you are at, if you are comfortable and this is where you want to be, just stay where you are."

More than anything, Thompson seems comfortable, he seems happy. The doubts about his future have always revolved around either money or a star ego that may suggest Klay would want his own team.

But if the 5x All-Star listens to his father, then neither of those conditions will sway him away from Golden State. Since 2011, Klay has helped build something extraordinary, and will likely stay, even if means sacrificing stardom, legacy, and money.

As they say, home is where the heart is -- and for Klay Thompson, his heart lies with Dub Nation. As this season continues to progress, that notion has become abundantly clear.