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Mychal Thompson Thinks Klay Should Come To L.A.


It's been one heck of a day for the Los Angeles Lakers.

First, one source claimed that Kevin Durant is already planning his entrance into L.A. next season. Then, strangely enough, Klay Thompson's Father, Mychal, said that his son should come to L.A.

Here's more of that quote (via ESPN's Mason and Ireland):

"You are talking about guys for whom pecking order becomes really important," Mychal said. "The perception of how people are going to look at you is important for these guys. If Klay came to L.A., which he should, then he knows he is going to slot in behind LeBron. But it is fine because he has done it before [for the Warriors], it is not a big deal."

It should be noted that Mychal has been on the record in stating that he believes his son will stay in Golden State. It should be pretty hard for anyone to picture him leaving.

But if Mychal wants his son in L.A., then there's definitely a good reason for it. The Lakers have LeBron James, a talented, brilliant front-office team, and a loaded boat of young guys eager to win.

As good as the Warriors are, it would be pretty hard to not at least consider all that.

Maybe by the end of this upcoming season, Mychal can convince Klay that joining the Lakers is worthy of major consideration.