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Myles Turner And Victor Oladipo's Sister Have Interesting Conversation On Instagram

(via IndyStar)

(via IndyStar)

With so many stories unfolding across the NBA, not even the Indiana Pacers have been able to keep themselves out of the headlines.

It all started with reports that star guard Victor Oladipo was literally asking other teams if he could play for them in front of his teammates, which is obviously very telling about his current feelings on the franchise.

Eventually, the report earned the attention of Oladipo's sister online, who not only accused some of his teammates of lying but seemed to blame one Myles Turner, specifically.

Turner did respond, seeming betrayed and surprised by the statement, but failing to provide any further details.

The situation is obviously getting murky in Indiana, as Turner and Oladipo are the franchise's two best players. Together, since 2017, they have helped the Pacers enjoy surprising levels of success in the East -- though it failed to berth a Finals appearance.

Neither Oladipo nor Turner have expressed a desire to leave publicly, and they probably won't. But it's hard to imagine they both remain with the team by the start of the next campaign -- not after this latest development.