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Myles Turner's Wikipedia Is Hacked: 'He Is Playing For The Boston Celtics'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

NBA fans can do a lot of crazy things to tease rival teams and players. Some of them take things to the next level, using different tactics to troll their opponents. Myles Turner has been the last victim of these trolls, as his Wikipedia page was hacked recently.

The 24-year-old saw his official Wikipedia page altered by some hackers that put him in the Boston Celtics. The NBA offseason just started but Turner hasn't been part of any rumors in the last couple of days. He's under contract with the Indiana Pacers until 2023 and the team hasn't shown any signs of wanting to trade him, even less to the Boston Celtics.

The person or people behind the attack had a lot of fun messing with Turner's information. They took things off the court and wrote some crazy things about Turner. They even said he was a WNBA player and used a pic of Adolf Hitler to change Turner's.

NBA Twitter noticed this activity and was quick to report it. Turner later found out about the whole thing and reacted on Twitter; he found these little changes funny and everything went back to normal in a matter of hours. He had his laugh, the hackers, too, and now it's time to move on.

The Pacers have been mentioned in several reports in recent days thanks to Victor Oladipo and his future in the league. The combo guard doesn't have trade value and the team needs to figure out what to do next since the relationship between the player and his teammates isn't the best. Oladipo reportedly asked rivals if he could join them in front of teammates, something that caused trouble in the Pacers' locker room.