Nate McMillan Heaps Praise On Superstar Trae Young: "He Competes Every Second That He's Out On The Floor. That's A Special Talent."

(via Peachtree Hoops)

(via Peachtree Hoops)

Trae Young has shown himself as a superstar talent these playoffs. Despite this being only his first playoff run, he managed to bring the Hawks within a few games of the NBA Finals. There is no question that the future is bright in Atlanta, especially with Trae Young leading the way.

Part of the Hawks' success in the playoffs can be attributed to coach Nate McMillan. Under McMillan, the Hawks looked like a new team, and it was his tactics that helped the Atlanta Hawks upset the Philadelphia 76ers. Recently, Nate McMillan has commented on Trae Young's abilities and has suggested that he will be doing a lot of winning in the future.

Trae has a special talent... He has a talent a lot of young guys don't have. This ability to spread the floor, shoot the three ball. He has a midrange game. He shoots a high percentage from the FT line. He has excellent vision out on the floor, that's a special talent. He's fearless. He competes every second that he's out on the floor. That's a special talent... With his skill and his talent, he will win big.

There is no question that Trae Young will be a mainstay in the league for years to come, and his game is entertaining to many. It is clear that McMillan believes in him, as do many others. Trae Young is one of the best offensive players in the league, and it remains to be seen just how good he will become.