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NBA 2K Fans React To Doris Burke Looking Very Good On The Game: 'I Don’t Remember Doris Burke Being This Fine'

Credit: 2K

Credit: 2K

Doris Burke has been the crush of a lot of NBA fans for quite some time now and that has transcended the hardwoods. Doris is a very respected and admired woman in the world of sports but there is no doubt that he's earned a lot of fans for his looks. The 55-year-old has drawn a lot of attention in recent years, at the same time she escalates positions on ESPN, even getting to broadcast important games on the network.

Burke is also featured on the new installment of NBA 2K, "NBA 2K21" and fans went crazy again after finding out how good she looks on the video game.

A couple of years ago, rapper Drake wore a hoodie with Doris' face on it, showing that she was his crush. Well, now Drake has some company with all the people turning their heads to Doris in recent times.

Jokes aside, she's an incredible professional, excellent in his job. As plenty of fans like to say nowadays, Doris is the GOAT of female sports reporters and she still has a lot to do for the rest of his career.