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NBA Analyst Takes A Shot At Steve Kerr's Tactics: “The Best Coaches Adapt The System To Best Maximize The Talents Of The Players."

Steve Kerr Jokes That He Will Rest Steph Curry Tomorrow Against The Knicks Ahead Of Him Breaking Ray Allen's Record: "Couldn't Resist."

Steve Kerr and his Golden State Warriors are having a difficult time at the start of the 2020/21 NBA season. The Dubs have struggled even in their victories and people are worried about what this team needs to be successful again. They don't have Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and the rest of the players that took this team to the top of the league.

Kerr has different players, plenty of them are young and the tactics aren't having the same impact on then as they had with KD and co. in prior seasons. It seems like Kerr needs to reinvent himself and his strategies this season, as one NBA writer expressed on Twitter. Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer explained that Kerr should keep things simple and get back to basics to help Stephen Curry and James Wiseman develop a better connection.

When somebody said Kerr was making things very hard for his players, O'Connor agreed with the person in question, explaining what Kerr needs to do to turn things around and get the best from his players.

"Agreed. The best coaches adapt the system to best maximize the talents of the players. Steve Kerr has done none of that with these Warriors. Zero.

Kerr must change things soon or this will get uglier. Start by running more pick-and-roll with Curry and Wiseman. Keep it simple."

When you're losing, everybody has something to say but it seems like Kerr should listen this time and try to do something different to take his team to the next stage. His coaching career has been short and this is his second season struggling with the Warriors. This is the right time for him to step up and show his knowledge while leading his team at least to the postseason.