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NBA Analysts Disrespect Seth Curry, Say Steph Could Play Like His Brother At Age 40

Stephen Curry and Seth Curry

At age 33, Stephen Curry is playing at a great level. The Golden State Warriors superstar recently broke Ray Allen's all-time 3-point record, collecting a new milestone in his honored career. 

Curry is expected to keep this level for two or three more years, and some believe he could play at a decent level until he's 40. Recently, two analysts made a case for Curry to be a solid player at age 40, while seemingly taking a shot at his brother Seth in the process. 

Talking on a recent episode of ‘The Void’ (via SportsRush), Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer and Ben Taylor discussed Curry's longevity and his chances of remaining a good player in the league even after he's 40. 

Taylor claimed that Steph can easily do it and become Seth Curry once he hits that mark. It's unclear how this should be taken since Seth is a very good player, who ranks 2nd on the all-time 3PM%, trailing only Steve Kerr. 

The Philadelphia 76ers sharpshooter isn't as honored as his brother, but saying Steph could play at his level when he's 40, an age where most players are retired, sounds like a shot at Seth. 

Still, it could be good for Steph, as he would still play at a solid level, probably extending his career in a contender team like the Warriors of the future. 

Right now, Curry is focused on leading his team to the promised land again. They are playing great after two underwhelming seasons. The Dubs are looking like a serious title contender at this moment, and if Curry manages to keep a good level until he's older, they will have good chances of winning more titles. 

He still has a chance of surpassing LeBron James on the all-time list. and fulfilling this prediction will give him more opportunities to do it.