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NBA Announces League-Wide Salary Cut For Top Executives, Including Adam Silver

(via ClutchPoints)

(via ClutchPoints)

It is looking increasingly unlikely that this NBA season will return. As COVID-19 continues to rage in the U.S., lockdown is only going to increase in severity as quarantine becomes the priority.

With this news comes a bleak outcome: the NBA will lose at least a billion dollars. And, to offset their losses, the league is instituting pay-cuts for personnel -- starting with those at the very top.

Woj revealed the cut to be at 20% for at least 100 of the top-earning league executives.

In this business, it's rare for the guy at the top to be the first to sacrifice in times of crisis. The coronavirus pandemic is something nobody asked for and it's really encouraging to witness how Silver and the rest of the NBA have responded since things first went downhill.

Silver has done everything right so far and to be the first to take the financial bullet is just another reason he has done such a great job leading the community through this difficult time.