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NBA Assistant GM Praises Julius Randle: "There's No Question He Should Be Most Improved."

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(via Sky Sports)

(via Sky Sports)

Julius Randle has been willing the New York Knicks to wins this season and has ascended to being an All-Star caliber player. Randle is currently the best player on a team that will potentially make the playoffs, and he has led the team to a 9 game win streak. Julius Randle deserves some credit for his achievement this season. With Randle's improved play this season, he could be well on his way to winning the Most Improved Player award.

Julius Randle has had his best season yet, and many fans can see that he is a perennial All-Star in the making. It seems that at least one Assistant GM agrees with the popular opinion. Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report has recently put out an article that quoted an Assistant GM's words on Randle. The aforementioned GM stated that Randle would have his vote for an All-NBA position and that there's no doubt that Randle should be the Most Improved Player.

Randle has thrived under Thibodeau after a summer in which multiple Knicks staffers highlighted Randle's increased work ethic and skill development. By all accounts, he has fully embraced the role of New York's leader by example, especially within Thibodeau's blue-collar culture. He's even excelled as a distributor, averaging 5.8 assists per 36 minutes this season. And it seems he may receive numerous accolades along with it.

"Everyone knew Randle was a good player, but nobody thought he could be the best player on a playoff team," one assistant general manager said. "Now I'd vote for him second-team All-NBA, and there's no question he should be Most Improved.

Julius Randle has certainly exceeded expectations, and there were not many who thought that Randle could do what he is doing now. Julius Randle has jumped to the next level, and he is the best player on an exciting franchise. While there are other players who deserve the Most Improved Player award as well, Randle's season should make him one of the top candidates.