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NBA Camera Caught Referee Bill Kennedy's Reaction At A Woman Who Walked In Front Of The Camera: "What Y'all Think The First Word Was That Went Through His Mind?"

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Bill Kenndy

There are times in an NBA game when hilarious things unintentionally happen. That's just part of the game, and fans often enjoy those things happening. One of those moments occurred during the recent Utah Jazz - Portland Trail Blazers game.

The NBA's camera has recently caught referee Bill Kennedy staring at a woman as she passed in front of the camera, prior to him announcing the results of a reviewed call. A lot of NBA fans reacted to him doing so, with many joking about the situation. Some thought that he was looking at her due to her looks, but other fans pointed out that Bill Kennedy is gay, and thus wouldn't be attracted to a woman.

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While many people obviously thought that Bill Kennedy was checking the woman out, it's quite clear that his reaction was more towards having someone walk in front of the camera while he was trying to make an announcement. Obviously, he was shocked that someone would just do that mid-announcement, but he turned it into a humorous moment and managed to go viral on social media.

This Utah Jazz - Portland Trail Blazers matchup where this situation with Bill Kennedy happened wasn't necessarily a game that mattered much for either team. The Utah Jazz were simply looking for an easy win against a tanking opponent and were clearly aiming to go into the playoffs on a good note, while the Portland Trail Blazers were trying to finish the season. 

There is no doubt that this was a funny situation. In a world where fans and players complain about referees constantly, this was definitely a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, we all just need to take a moment and laugh at funny situations, especially if they go viral such as this one with Bill Kennedy.