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NBA Coach Reveals Sad Truth: ‘You Can’t Have A Hot Woman In The NBA, Guys Will Be Trying To F**k Her’

Becky Hammon Spurs NBA

San Antonio Spurs assistant Becky Hammon has risen up the ranks in the NBA through the coaching system despite facing the many difficulties of working in a very male-dominated workplace.

Unfortunately for women like Becky, there are certain aspects of sexism that still well and truly exists in the NBA.

Unfortunately, it’s harder for women to progress in the coaching ranks and sometimes it can be purely due to their gender. If these barriers were removed, there’s hope for more diversity in the league with coaches.

SB Nation’s Tim Struby has recently created an in-depth investigation report on female coaches. What was really shocking was what one veteran NBA coach had to say about women in coaching roles in the league when speaking to Struby.

“You can’t have a hot woman in the NBA,” says one veteran NBA coach. “Guys will be trying to f— her every day.”

“By and large the NBA is an incredibly sexist environment,” says the veteran NBA coach. “I listen to players talk about women. I have a daughter and it’s sometimes disturbing. But it’s nothing new. It hasn’t gotten worse over the years. In our society there are men uncomfortable working under women and a handful of our players would have a problem with it.”

This is quite disappointing to hear that women still can’t be treated the same way as men in all workplaces in the twenty-first century. It’s still disturbing to think that there would be multiple players who would truly despite have a woman in charge of them.

If Becky Hammon is eventually hired as a professional NBA coach, it would be a huge step forward in having more equality in the NBA.

However, it would only be a start, there’s plenty more that the league should be trying to focus on to have more women being represented in high position coaching roles.