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NBA Considering Huge Changes: Reseeding Conference Finalists, Postseason Play-Ins, And More

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

The NBA could be in store for some serious changes according to reports from Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe of ESPN.

The NBA is engaged in serious discussions with the National Basketball Players Association and broadcast partners on sweeping, dramatic changes to the league calendar that would include a reseeding of the four conference finalists, a 30-team in-season tournament and a postseason play-in, league sources told ESPN.

These scenarios would come with the shortening of the regular season to a minimum of 78 games, league sources said.

The landscape could be changing as soon as 2021.

Discussions are progressing with hopes of bringing a vote to the April meeting of the league's board of governors that would introduce some -- if not all -- of these proposals into the NBA's 75th anniversary season of 2021-22, league sources said. The NBA still has work to do coordinating with constituents on the myriad implications involving the proposed changes.

According to Woj and Lowe, the reseeding of teams in the semifinal round would be based on regular-season record and could give the NBA a championship series that includes its best two teams.

In the front-line of these proposed changes? Commissioner Adam Silver, who has been driving this agenda of change for years.

With re-seeding and an in-season tournament cup modeled after European soccer, the hope would be that the league as a whole would become more interesting. It would raise the stakes, decrease the incentive for load management, and fix the current imbalance between the two Conferences. Regular season games would matter a whole lot more.

Obviously more work on the idea needs to be done, and things are still far from being set in stone. But with a constant desire for innovation, Adam Silver and the NBA are always keeping things new, fresh, and interesting for their fans around the world.

We will see, in time, which of these radical ideas work.