NBA Could Lose $1 Billion If Next Season Starts In January

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NBA Could Lose $1 Billion If Next Season Starts In January

The NBA isn't living some good moments right now, as it seems nobody can agree on how to proceed and when to start the next season. It was reported that the board of governors was aiming at Dec. 22 as a possible date to start the next season, but most players are against that idea. New reports suggest they want to start in January but that would mean a big loss for the league and players as well.

The league already lost billions last season and this one could be the same if they start playing in January. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the fear is that the league could lose $1B if they delay the start of the new season.

After pushing back a deadline until next Friday that would allow for the NBA to serve notice on termination of the collective bargaining agreement in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the league and the National Basketball Players Association are running short on time to agree on starting the NBA's season before Christmas.

And without assurances that the pandemic will allow for fans in arenas this season -- and projections that their absence could cost the league more than $4 billion in lost revenue -- the NBA fears delaying the start of the 2020-21 season until January could cost the league an additional $500 million to $1 billion in revenue losses next season and beyond, sources said.

The consequences for the league's players would be a steep drop in salaries due to the collective bargaining agreement's 50-50 revenue split between the league and players.

Marc Stein reports that the 2021 Olympics are a problem with TV partners since they don't have the NBA clash with the biggest event of the summer. Therefore, they may offer a 50-game season if the players decide to start the season in January, decreasing their salaries.

This situation, for instance, would make Steph Curry, who is projected to make over $40 million next season, lose over $17.2 million with a 40% escrow next campaign.

This is a tricky situation for everybody in the league. Some say it's too early to start in December since the league ended in October, but not every team stopped playing at that time. Some squads have had a lot of time to rest and they wouldn't mind playing in December but that's not how it works.

Hopefully, the league and the players can reach an agreement for everybody's sake.