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NBA Could Shorten The Early Playoff Series From Best-Of-Seven To Best-Of-Five

(via News Week)

(via News Week)

The NBA got a major hit when the coronavirus arrived, and the league made the right decision when they suspended the 2019/20 season. We were going through the last stretch of the campaign and the competition was getting more interesting, but we’ll have to wait to see who are going to be the teams that make the postseason this year.

The league is working on solutions to resume the activities once this coronavirus crisis is gone, or at least under control, and they have some interesting ideas. While players continue working at practice facilities, the Board of Governors keeps discussing plans for the future of this season.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the league could cancel the rest of the regular season and go straight to the playoffs. Moreover, they could make more changes in the postseason, shortening the playoff series to a best-of-five instead of a best-of-seven series.

“The NBA has been considering numerous contingency plans, which include playing only several more regular season games, shortened early playoff series' from best-of-seven to best-of-five, but everything remains fluid, sources said.

“Teams are hoping that the league will soon give direction on possible drop-dead dates for starting the season, but the NBA doesn't seem to be rushing into locking themselves into those scenarios. NBA owners are awaiting the league's financial projections on lost revenues, which are expected to be shared with them soon, sources said.”

Back in 2003, the league changed the first-round series from best-of-five to best-of-seven.

This is a tricky situation for the league, who has seen how a great season was suspended due to this illness. Still, the league is trying to find the best solution for everybody, as the show must go on, as long as the right conditions are guaranteed.

Seven players have tested positive for the COVID-19. It all started with Rudy Gobert, followed by his Utah Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell and Detroit Pistons forward Christian Wood. On Tuesday, it was revealed that four Nets players tested positive for the virus, including Kevin Durant.