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NBA Crew Chief Explains Why James Harden’s Controversial Dunk Should Have Counted

(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

James Harden's 50-point performance has taken a back seat to, arguably, the most controversial play of the season. It happened in last night's overtime match between the Rockets and Spurs.

As James Harden dunked the ball on a fastbreak play, the ball was carried through the net twice. The call on the floor held that the basket did not count, and Harden was not credited with the points. Needless to say, folks around the community disagree with that decision and insist Harden's dunk should have counted for 2 points. The Rockets, who lost by two points, are prepared to challenge the league on the outcome of the game.

In response, the league has since released an official statement on Twitter, which featured a conversation between NBA referee James Capers and pool reporter Mike Monroe from the Athletic.

Capers notes a rule that states the ball must clear the net for it to count as a make. At the time, the referees on the floor assumed the ball popped back up through the net instead of going coming back through it a second time.

He explains why the refs did not count the points but also admitted that, upon further review, it should have counted as the ball did, indeed, go through the net initially.

It's a wacky situation, to say the least, and the results of the incorrect ruling have yet to be determined. But, no doubt, the Rockets will continue to fight the league on points (and a game) they feel were robbed from them.

Anc can you really blame them?