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NBA Discussing Alternative Ways Of Giving Teams Home-Court Advantage For 2020 Postseason



The NBA is a lot of things but if there's one thing these recent string of tragedies have revealed, it's that they are resilient. Even amid the aftermath of a global pandemic and national protests, they are finding ways to promote change as they work on a return.

A target date of July 31st has been set by the Adam Silver and they seem to have settled on a setting.

But even with so much workout, one question remains: how can the league reimburse teams who were supposed to have a home-court advantage? One of the biggest bonuses of being a top seed is being able to play at home but with the remainder of the season set to take place in Orlando, there will be no "home court." Instead, the NBA has proposed a number of alternatives.

Obviously, the idea is to reward the top teams in some way and all these propositions do that. The most likely outcome (and the one teams seem to favor the most) is the "home" teams transporting their hardwood court to the stadium.

But, we'll see soon enough what things will look like upon the NBA's highly-anticipated return.