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NBA Employee On Tensions With China: "Nobody Knows What To Do"

(via The National Interest)

(via The National Interest)

The ongoing international crisis has the NBA scrambling for an answer. With LeBron James and other players refusing to speak out on the subject, the league has been put in an impossible situation as they attempt to deal with the fallout.

In an inside scoop on the situation from ESPN's Dave McMenamin, he details what one NBA executive had to say about the situation at hand.

"Nobody knew what to do," one source said. As most NBA fans know by now, it all started with an image Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted on Oct. 4 to show support for protesters in Hong Kong. Morey quickly deleted the tweet, but the damage was done. What began on Twitter was becoming an international debacle.

"If this was tweeted by the Grizzlies' GM or Phoenix, it wouldn't have caused the same impact," an NBA China employee told ESPN. The Rockets, who drafted former NBA and Chinese player Yao Ming, are the most popular U.S. team in China.

Clearly, nobody has an answer on how to resolve the NBA's biggest dilemma of the modern era. The league is trying to control the damage, but the damage has been done.

Daryl Morey may have changed things forever, and the fallout will continue to linger throughout the season -- especially for stars like LeBron James who have chosen the money over standing up to tyranny.