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NBA Executive Believes Boogie Cousins Will Be Lakers, Knicks Consolation Prize

DeMarcus Cousins

The New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers are two of the most famous and important franchises in the NBA, but besides that, these two teams share something else and that is a very bad moment. Both these teams have been struggling in the last couple of years to be competitive and get back to play in the stages they used to do so.

Right now they are very unstable and nobody, not even themselves, know what is going to happen with these two teams. In order to start a new rebuilding or find the right pieces they both need to finally exceed, this year’s free agency will be very important for these two organizations, as they can land some of the best players in the world right now.

Nevertheless, that might not be completely true in the eye of an NBA executive, who claims neither team will be able to sign any of the big fish this free agency will have and that, in fact, Warriors’ big man, DeMarcus Cousins would serve as a consolation prize for Knicks or Lakers.

According to Ken Berger of Bleacher Report, this exec says organizations that don’t acquire a big name this summer like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard or Kyrie Irving are going to start to be desperate and will spend money on a player like Cousins, offering him more cash than he is actually worth.

“A lot of teams are going to be left at the altar and are going to have to pay the max to someone who doesn’t deserve it. He’ll be the Lakers’ or the Knicks’ consolation prize.”

New York and Los Angeles have been involved in plenty of rumors about what they are going to do this offseason, with the Knicks being a potential destination for KD or Kawhi and the Lakers remain eager to acquire Anthony Davis and some other player in free agency in order to boost their ranks.

If nothing of the aforementioned happens, things could be a little bit harder for Knicks and Lakers to succeed the next NBA campaign, leaving them helpless and ready to go through the scenario we already described.

As for Boogie, the Warriors still can sign him back next season to try to replace the departure of Kevin Durant, if he decides to leave the team. Even though he’s out now due to a quadriceps injury, Cousins did it well with the Warriors while he was active so that wouldn’t be a complete shock.